Fitness Training Research Paper

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Fitness training dated all the way back to the ancient Greeks who trained athletes for the Olympic Games which was originally started in 776 B.C. Although, personal training as a career did not start until the 1900’s by a man people called the “Father of Modern Fitness” named Jack Lalanne. Lalanne motivated many Americans through his television show and at his local gyms, Bally Gyms, to be involved in daily exercise as preventative medicine. Eighty years later personal training became very popular. The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) did not create the first certification until 1996. “The value of fitness and having a fitness leader to drive you toward your goals is an important part of leading a healthy
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Patrick Larabee, personal trainers are not empty-headed or like a drill sergeant, in fact, they are very well-educated. For instance, Dr. Larabee is not only a personal trainer but also a science teacher and the chairman of the science department for Front Range Community College; a licensed chiropractor; and, not to mention, an international and national track cyclist. In addition, Mrs.Hicks is living a double life as a full time physical exercise and health teacher at Mead High School and has a masters in exercise science. Although you do not need a degree to become a personal trainer, you do need to take a certification class which includes being CPR certified, you also have to have a high school diploma. As was previously stated, not all personal fitness trainers are “empty-headed jocks” or screaming drill …show more content…
She explained the typical terminology for personal trainers too. Also, on Fridays they have yoga day to relax the muscles they worked because stretching and giving the muscles a break is just as important as drinking water. Mrs. Hicks made the class fun for students and always ensured their safety while performing the workouts and stretches she created, I felt as though they were at an actual gym. Even though the students were in a class, they still had the same experience as they would at a professional gym. During the hour long interview with Mrs. Hicks, I asked her why she wanted to become a personal trainer, she replied with great compassion, “fitness and wellness has always been a passion and interest of mine, I 'm getting paid to do what I

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