Becoming A Better You Analysis

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Becoming A Better You
While learning we go through experiences,we face discomforts and we also face some strengths. Just like everything we do in life we find methods that are better for us that may not be as effective for others but are to you in order to make things easier. When it comes to our learning we usually pick up many do’s and don 'ts on how we learn best. Being able to identify these things is vital to our learning.The biggest challenge that I face through my learning process is moving on from being stuck. I am a perfectionist so it is extremely hard for me to move on from something that I stumbled on when it comes down to my schoolwork. If i feel like it was not a good enough quality or it did not demonstrate my full potential,I
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My biggest strength as a learner has to be my understanding. I understand that making mistakes makes me better because things get worse before they get better. I understand that taking the easy way out won 't help be better but will only limit me and my abilities. After reading the New Science of Learning I 've learned new tactics on improving my learning ability and has also helped me become a better learner. Sleep,exercise and having a growth mindset were all themes in the book that will help improve the way you learn.
As you probably already know, learning while being tired is an extremely hard task to complete. Sleep though it may seem like it is of much importance is crucial to our lives especially for students. Everyone needs at least 7.5-9 hours of sleep each night and students need even more. Sleep is when the process of the brain removes unwanted information from the hippocampus takes place. This happens so that the brain is ready to learn new information for the next day. We all need a good night 's rest in order to be able to process the new information we will learn in class the next day. Sleep also plays a very important role in the
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Having a positive mindset and outlook on your learning is also very crucial. A mindset is the entrenched set of attitude one person may have towards one thing. In this situation a mindset is the way you view yourself as a learner or student. It affects everything that has to do with your learning,the way you learn,how determined you are and every component that comes with learning. Having a growth mindset means that you understand that adding new knowledge and skills let you become more intelligent. Understanding that you weren 't born smart that you gain that throughout your life is very important. Valuing hard work and understanding that being challenge is good because it does not limit you. Learning from failures because mistakes only make you stronger and wiser and that whatever they lacked on they must change in order to be successful. If you have a fixed mindset then you believe that being intelligent is a fix trait. You rely on saying that you either are smart or not. It isnt something that you can gain throughout.You stick to a mentality in saying if you are not good at something then you just arent and their is nothing you can do about it. There is no room for improvement because and you have to deal with it. Those who think like that then put less effort in certain subjects that they feel they are not smart enough to pass the course and never actually give it a try.

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