Personal Experiences : Being Bullied Essay

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Personal Experiences
Being bullied. Reflecting on when I was in grades k-12, I realized that I had a unique experience. I grew up in an area that had an over 80 percent Hispanic population; I was essentially the minority. Not being able to speak Spanish and clearly having a different cultural background and skin color, I was subjected to bullying. I often resented my last name, Clifford, because I acquired the childhood nickname, “Clifford the big, white dog”, which was used by many kids who thought they were being clever but were actually being hurtful. While I felt oppressed as one of the few white people in my school and therefore being bullied because of it, I was able to experience first-hand how it feels to be perceived and treated like an “other” (Tatum, 2008, p.17).
Family ignorance. Because of this experience, I think of myself as a person who has compassion and understanding for people and their experiences of being powerless, underprivileged and oppressed. This becomes a topic of heated debate in my household, being that I am the only educated person in a white household and especially in one in which my dad’s family taught him to be prejudiced and sometimes almost blatantly racist. There have been many times that I have argued with my dad over ignorant remarks that he has made in regard to certain “racial” or religious groups. This is an ongoing battle that I do not know will ever change, but I nevertheless use these experiences as an opportunity to educate him.…

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