Personal Ethics Development Essay

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Personal Ethics Development Paper
PHL / 323
Ethics In Management

Personal ethics are extremely important in business decisions, life and any other endeavors. Personal ethics are a set of attributes, morals or skills one possesses throughout his/her lifetime, and they are needed in the workforce and your personal learning process. Personal ethics are the things I’ve learned from my parents, my grandparents, and siblings as I grew up. My mother always tells me to treat others, the one I want to be treated, and as I grew up I understand more and more the values of that phrase.
According to our class notes at University of Phoenix our personal ethics need to be in harmony
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When communicating or dealing with culture diversity we have to be cautions and respectful to one another. Learning about each other cultures will help in this matter to be aware of what’s appropriate or not. Nevertheless the only thing we have to do is follow the company or organization’s code of ethics.
For example here at the UOP it is forbidding to ignore the Student Code of Academic Integrity. The Student Code of Academic Integrity is simple according the University guidelines; it is the usage of autonomous thought and respect for the ideas of others. It forbidding and punishable if any of the following violations occur:
• Plagiarism - Intentional or unintentional representation of another’s words or ideas as one’s own in an academic exercise.
• Self-plagiarism, double dipping, or dovetailing - Submission of work that has been prepared for a different course without fair citation of the original work and prior approval of faculty. Being a student at UOP it is my responsibility to abide by the Student Code of Academic Integrity.
• Fabrication - Falsification or invention of any

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