Personal Ethics And Ethical Ethics Essay

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Christian Worldview III

A professor once told me that everyone had a worldview perspective that expressed how they see and perceive the world. As I grow in faith, and continue to seek knowledge, my Christian
Worldview is sharpened, challenged, and expands to express the infallible word of God in my home, family, faith, community, service, and business. Ethics are the universal and unchanging standards of what we should do; it is what is good. (Ruddell, 2004, p.13) My Christian foundation compels me to be ethical and address unethical issues to eradicate them in the workplace.
Presently, I work in a place where business ethics are not demonstrated, but I can rely on my personal ethics to maintain my sanity to work in such a culture. We are all called to work, which is a mandate from God. “The Lord God took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” (Genesis 2:15)
As we work to have an ethical business, we must realize that we work in a diverse world with many belief systems. No one is exempt from problems, so leaders must work to resolve them.
Great decision making requires executing implementation of a decision. Implementation must be planned prudently. Ample planning should govern how things look when the decision is in complete operation. There should be a strategy of the necessary steps to achieve full operational decision. The resources, activities, and estimated time for each step of the process shouldn’t be forgotten. Things…

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