Example Of A Narrative Essay On My Family

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I am very proud to say that I am an American in what I believe is every genetic way you can be an American. My Grandpa Emory’s mother was a Native American, and his father was half-Native American. His wife, my MawMaw Rosemary, was a first generation American whose parents immigrated from Germany. She was one of five children, and she went on to have five children, the youngest being my father. My cultural identity stems not only from my family’s socioeconomic background, but also from the blood of my ancestors, including both natives and immigrants. My father never went to college, but he makes an excellent living working at the Nabisco Cookie Factory in Atlanta. He was raised to work hard to earn what he wants, and he’s never had anything handed to him. My mother is a public school teacher who is originally from West Virginia. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education …show more content…
I hope that the life that I have worked so hard to create and now maintain, will allow my future students to thrive as individuals. My family was raised on many rules and many principles, but the most important influence that my entire family tree has in common is one thing: love. My teaching philosophy and life philosophy are very much alike. I want to love the unloved, teach the untaught, and believe in the ones that others have lost hope in. There is no such thing as a lost cause in my mind, and I believe that the principles of hard work and love that my parents instilled in my mind growing up have absolutely shaped me into exactly the person that I am today. I hope that as a special education teacher I will be able to change lives and work with parents and offer them the support that they need in their child’s teacher, no matter how many extra, unpaid hours that might involve. I was put on this earth to love and to teach, and that’s exactly what I am going to

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