Personal Essay: The Story Of My First Year Of College

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This is the story of my freshman year of college. This story starts off with just a little background of myself. I come from a small town called Stewartville. I always kept active by playing on the tennis team, played soccer, or even just got together with some friends and playing catch. When we weren’t playing some kind of sport we were helping work on somebodies car most of the time my friends jeep but we would work on anything. Helping my friend work on his jeep I what really got me interested in cars and seeing what all I would think to change going to school to be an automotive engineer. The fact that I am from a small town makes all of my friends closer to me more like family. My friends have become my family. I was also raised with a …show more content…
Within the next week we had made some friends and my roommate had decided to join a fraternity so I was with my other friends more often than with him. My other friends and I had hit it off quite well and were getting to become friends fairly quick. So after making a few friends the first week started classes. My classes were fairly simple but there was one class in particular that I just did not understand and that was statistics. Statistics was almost a foreign language to me. In high school I was always fairly good at math but statistics I just could not understand for some reason. Unfortunately I did end up failing statistics and ended up on academic probation. So grade wise I wasn’t doing so well but I was still adjusting to college life. I was thinking that college was going to be just like high school and I could pass all my classes and never study for a single minute. I was very wrong. The next semester I made it my mission to get my GPA up after my horrendous first semester. So this semester I studied a lost but I also re-took stats and I am doing better but I am still struggling. The thing that I learned to do was to go to the homework help center and there was a guy in there that for some reason could explain stats on a level that I could understand. So with lots of studying and help from another source I am now passing …show more content…
During first semester I had realized that I had a pretty big crush on one of my friends and I decide to tell her to see if she felt the same way. She did not. After I was told this I was rather crushed but I got over it rather quickly. After this little predicament I had basically destroyed one of my friendships by doing this. It also didn’t happen during the best of times but I had to do this. After some time we both got over it and we started to become friends again and I am really happy with just being friends. All while this was happening I started to become closer to my roommate. My roommate first semester was never really around so we never really got to know each other that well but we could still talk to each other about stuff. After some all of this stuff with one of my friends it caused my roommate and I to become closer than ever. We can tell each other everything. We take care of each other when one of is sick and I feel as though I have made a new best friend.
Overall my freshman college year has been one of the most trying experiences I have ever had to go through. I have made friends that I believe will last quite a while. Some of the life lessons that my first year of college has taught me is that time heals all wounds and that hard work really will go far. I also learned that timing is everything. My freshman year overall has been the biggest learning experience of my

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