Personal Essay: The Importance Of A College Education In Germany

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In the continent of Europe, I chose the country of Germany to research. Germany’s largest city, which also happens to be the largest city is Berlin. The country is also the most populous state in Europe, with 81 million inhabitants and is the second most popular migration destination in the world. In Germany, most of the people are very engaging when it comes to the topic of sports. In Germany, group activities, team sports, and competitions take place regularly. Playing with neighbors and friends is one of the leisure activities of Germans. Some of the sports that Germans not only partake in, but are also into watching and supporting are volleyball, basketball, field hockey, track and field events, skiing, and soccer, which happens to be …show more content…
Sociocultural constraints that I would have to adjust to how they determine the schooling of children. When I turned 10, my life would basically be chosen for me, either a college education, white-collared job, or blue-collared job. The college education resembles the college education in the United States. The weather has climates that range between moderate short cold or hot weather seasons. My life and motor development life would be most likely the same due to some of the games children play growing up and the sports played in Canada, which are mainly the same as in the United States. The physical activities, exercise, movements, and sports are very similar among all six countries, except a few that were either named different or they played a sport or two that were not like the others. My hypothetical and actual motor development would be almost the exact same, minus having a slight difference in the educational system. Also, adjusting to how people dress, the weather conditions, and the values in Germany. The values throughout Germany are extremely important to the people, since they play an evident role in Germans everyday

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