Personal Narrative: I Am Rekiatou Kelly

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I am Rekiatou Kelly, aka, Kiki. I was born April 12, 2001, which was a Thursday - fun fact, I was almost born on Friday the 13th. I have a 20 year old older brother who I am very close with. Both of my parents were born in Africa, in two different regions. I have been to both of their countries and enjoyed it a lot. I am very proud to say that I am African. For most people who know me, I am very weird and I am always happy. I love making others laugh and smile. I really dislike it when people are super serious in every situation. They just always look like they had their hearts broken. So I attribute these jolly qualities from my father, who also brings many smiles to others faces, including me. I am also always very happy, it is rare to see …show more content…
I always say I grew up in Philadelphia, but my brother likes to argue and say Canada. Throughout my 16 years of living, I’ve experienced many cultures, which caused for my friends to be of many different cultural backgrounds. This also instilled in me the wants in learning new cultures by traveling. As stated before, I am 16 years old, so I have not seen as much as someone older than me would. I have seen a man get shot in the stomach. This was actually a scary experience. I was in the house when I heard a gunshot. The sound of it vibrated my whole block and so I ran to the window to see what happened. I look out the window and see a man slowly falling down onto the street and people surrounding him. Then I see that my brother’s friend was shot in the leg, so I ran downstairs to go outside to have a better look. I get outside and see police cars quickly taking the man and my brother’s friend into the car. Since that day, I have been traumatized to go outside to catch the bus to go to school; Whenever I see a car slowing down I duck down. Although I believe it is a rational fear, I find it funny because of how crazy I get. This usually only happens when it's dark outside but in clear daylight with people, I feel more confident. This is just one experience that I remember, but since I like going out a lot, I had to cope with it. I like to take a lot of risks, even if the outcome is closer to death. Once I had cousins from France who came to visit my family and I and so we went to Atlantic City. There, there’s a slingshot ride that I went on and on that ride I honestly felt my soul come out of my body. Although I felt I was going to lose my life that day, I would redo it a thousand times again. With these experiences, I hope to endure many more that I can look back on and tell as a story to

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