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It’s amazing how people can accidentally come into your life and become someone you love dearly. That person becomes important to you whether they 're your best friend, your significant other, or even just a teacher. For me, my partner’s mother was that person. She’s important to me because from the first time I met her she didn’t hesitate to accept me into the family. There’s never a dull moment, or a mouth left unfed. She knows how to treat her kids, biological or not, like the adults they’re becoming. However, she 's always there for them when they need their mommy. I believe she’s someone that deserves to be recognized for her lifelong efforts on making the world a better place.

Lori Black, the mom of all moms, is a
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She’s always taken the initiative to do something if someone is in trouble whether it 's animals or people. Her first goal for a career was to become a veterinary technician. She loves animals almost more than people and wanted to be able to help them in any way she possibly could. However, as she was doing her job shadow, she realized that she couldn’t handle being around such ill animals. That’s when she switched to become a surgical tech. and send her compassion towards …show more content…
They are all always willing to help, to make friends with the outcasts, and to be there when people are in need. There’s no wonder they make such family friends that become a part of the family quickly. Alex, a fiery redhead with a silly personality, has been a family friend for just about eight years. When asked about Lori she had nothing but good things to say. Alex tells me, “She’s always had a good balance between being a parent and being a friend.” She was someone Alex knew she could trust and love within moments of meeting her. She explains to me that they’d always be doing something when she went over to their house. It was always fun. Even if they were just watching movies or they were out finding ugly clothes at goodwill. She’s always felt a part of the family, as well as just about every friend that visits the Black

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