Personal Essay For Pharmacy Application

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Personal Essay for Pharmacy Application

My interest in becoming a pharmacist has been cultivated a more backwards way than most. As I finished high school, I was sure that engineering was the right direction for me. I decided to go to Montana Tech for mechanical engineering and attended for just over two and a half years. Unfortunately, at that point I began to realize that my idea of engineering and the real world’s version were quite different. Also, at the same time, a family member, my mother, began dealing with some major health complications from a surgery that she had done and it was taking a great toll on me and my family. These two components led to my choice to return home where I could lend support and be there for my family. Once I was home, my family and I had to quickly become familiar with a variety of different medications and I learned quickly about the realities and difficulties of a community pharmacy. Even though times were difficult, I was able to find a job where I learned many life and professional lessons. I believe those few years at World West Sire Services were the best thing that could have ever happened to me because I gained those real world experiences and lessons which I needed to better understand myself and what my future goals are. Between my mother and my boss, which has become a lifelong friend, they helped me to realize that pharmacy would be a great choice for me and help me achieve those goals.
During those years of introspection, I…

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