Personal Essay: Fashion Is A Piece Of Beauty

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“Fashion is more than just a material world, is a piece of art that not everyone understand. An art where every detail reflects their own beauty”. When I was little I always looked up for fashion, but I always said I was going to be a doctor, fireman, clown and dancer. I start growing up and I start to touch and feel fabrics, see how clothe was made, which colors and looks where in the season and to draw pieces that no one has and that where fashionable but beautiful at the same time. I always felt I was doing it right when I wear outfits that not everyone wear because they where unusual instead of using what disney stars use or what other people used. Fashion for me is a piece of art that can reflect so many things and that it has a very wide field, but that Haute Couture was just another level of complexity that I was going to love. …show more content…
I start feeling secure and beautiful when I see a garment that I really loved and that it doesn’t mind if I am to skinny and I do not have the stereotypical “Latina” body because it was going to look good. Then in my junior and senior year of high school I start working with the fashion designer Constanza Oquendo in Venezuela where I learn so many things, but I realize I was doing what I love that was creating beautiful pieces of art. I start sewing with my grandma and doing clothe for myself because I always want to have something bold, unique and beautiful even thought people critique me. Criticism is something normal where I lived but it is fault of the lack of art and fashion in my country, they think the more naked you are the sexier you would be and that you does’t look good if you don’t show your

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