Essay on Personal Effectiveness Of Generational And Gender Issues

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Personal Effectiveness

Generational and gender issues are significant topics in the workplace today because the workforce is continually changing and becoming more diverse. From this course, I have become more aware of my strengths on both issues which have significantly improved and will aid me considerably in my future goal to become a leader in the Human Resources field. I have also become more aware of areas of weakness that I need to continue to develop in. From this, I have developed actions I plan on taking to continue my growth and development. A sound knowledge in generational and gender issues will permit me to resolve conflicts within the diverse team I currently manage. This course challenged me to change my perspective and perception of others. The knowledge and skills I acquired will enable to effectively manage and work with generations older and younger no matter where I go in my career.
This personal effectiveness game plan will allow me to reflect on my strengths relating to generational and gender differences in the workplace. To begin with, the first strength I possess is the knowledge of the five generations in the workplace. As a current interim manager at my organization, this knowledge has and will allow me to manage my team members more effectively by understanding the beliefs, values and characteristics associated with their generation. I am able to discern the differences and similarities between generations to identify areas…

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