Essay about Personal Attributes Of A Leader

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Having personally never formally reflected on my personal attributes as a leader, I was very curious to where this self-assessment would lead. When choosing my two candidates for feedback, it was pretty evident who I would choose. John George, Parker Cahn and I have worked on a multitude of case competitions together, as well as collaborating on executive boards for both the Nittany Consulting Group (NCG) and the Sapphire Leadership Academic Program. It was interesting hearing feedback from peers that I constantly work with in my personal and “professional” life, because although I did receive overt answers, I was also surprised by a few things they had to say. For instance, Parker told me that I strongly “managed up”, or was able to work and connect easily without upper management. This category in my personal Korn Ferry assessment was one of my lower valued traits, but with Parker’s explanation about how I networked with the old NCG executive board to help secure my current position, and that other Sapphires believe that I hold a higher position than I actually do, I came to the realization that I am able to relate and associate myself with people with higher positions than myself. This was something that I was not conscious of before, but I can understand my comfort with upper managers, or just people in general, because it ties directly into my other strengths that I was more mindful of.
For instance, I have always known that I am a people person and that is where I…

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