Essay about Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

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Personal and Professional Health Care Communication

Health care communication is the process of sharing health related information with health care professionals, and people seeking care within a medical facility. Using positive health care communication patients are can improve his or her quality of life, health professionals collaborate to resolve difficult solutions, and interact effectively with other health care staff with the patient’s best interest in mind. Effectively using verbal and nonverbal communication health care professionals improve their ability to share information, and interpret responses both personally and professionally. This paper will explain the relevancy of positive health care communication, the effects of
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Professional conflicts can occur in a number of ways; procedural, substantive, and relational controls. Procedural conflict occurs when health professionals cannot reach an agreement over what approach to take to meet the goals of the patient. Substantive conflicts occur when organizational policies are up for renewal and the entire facility is looking for change in a matter yet no one can come up with a goal to fix the problem. Thus, reaching accomplishing a positive outcome in the patient’s care suffers waiting for resolution. Levels of control can also interfere with the outcomes of patients because the health care professional can move away from a symmetrical level of control to a complementary level of control causing a dominate-submissive relationship to develop between the health care professionals. In this situation communication barriers form because the submissive party cannot participate actively in discussions because the dominant individual blocks communication through belittling remarks, aggressive behavior, or ignoring the interaction. Eventually health professionals experience resentment, uneasiness, and unworthiness, which leads to the inability to form a productive environment to focus on reaching positive patient outcomes.

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