Essay about Personal Achievements And Achievements Of My Life

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“Live life to the fullest” is my motto of living. According to me, life has two sides: one good and one bad. Although there are highs and low in my life, I like taking on the challenges by learning from my mistakes. Many people think that higher education is important element for a fulfilling life because with education, a person has the ability to demonstrate his/ her work to people. I think that along with education, there are many more elements that help a person to be successful. There are several elements in my life that I consider to be the most important to make my life fully fulfilled. Happiness derived after accomplishing my personal achievements, and building relationships with family and friends is considered to be a fully fulfilled life. Personal achievements are goals that I have already accomplished and creating a path to the incomplete achievements. I consider achievements to be essential because if there are no achievements, there is no room for people to acknowledge my work, reputation, or my outstanding personality. Achievements that I have accomplished have showed my hard work, talent, knowledge, skills, education, work ethic and more elements. The path that I am creating for my long-term achievements will essentially serve as the biggest ones in my life. I have achieved first place in the Science and Engineering Fair, Principle “A” graduate, Masters in few foreign languages like Gujarati, Hindi, and Sanskrit (Indian languages) as well as great leadership…

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