Essay about Persistent And Residual Myths About Hiv / Aids

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Persistent and Residual Myths about HIV/AIDS
Despite that many still believe that the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is unique to the homosexual community, studies show that the virus does not discriminate. There are over 33 million people in the world infected with HIV and more than a half million have fallen victim to AIDS here in the US. It has been over twenty-five years since basketball star Earvin “Magic” Johnson announced that he had been diagnosed with the HIV virus and consequently retired from sports. Johnson was the first high-profile celebrity to speak openly about the disease and involve himself in causes and education (Pollock, 1994). Magic still leads an active, high-profile life and is now admired for his contributions to the understanding and acceptance of the disease and as an early model for young people who (we believed) changed the psychology of their attitudes about prevention and treatments (Cochran, 1996).
What was then thought to be a relatively swift death sentence is now considered, in ways, a manageable medical condition. As medicine and treatments have advanced and the virus has slipped from the headlines, certain myths about HIV/AIDS have survived, still chief among them that the disease is unique and somewhat confined to the homosexual community here in America. This is a misconception though and despite that transfusion methods, one of the initial causes for the spread of the virus early on, have been updated and refined, the disease…

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