Periodontitis And Mild And Preeclampsia Case Study

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Purpose: To point out the possible relationship between Periodontitis and Mild and Preeclampsia in pregnant women and to correlate this to association to clinical and recommended periodontal considerations.

Keywords: Periodontitis; Periodontal; Preeclampsia; Gingivitis

Relationship between Periodontitis and Mild and Severe Pre-eclampsia in Pregnant Women
For a long time, maternal health has been identified as a critical determinant in trimming down the potential risks and complications related to pregnancy such as preeclampsia and preterm births. Low birth weights (LBW) along with preterm delivery are regarded as the most appropriate natural determinants of infant survival in all developed as well as developing
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However, the relationship between periodontal disorders and complications stemming from pregnancy has for long been controversial in its investigations for the past few decades in evaluating the tangible association with various obstetric problems. A few suggestions point periodontal disorders to be linked with low birth mass, preterm, and neonates (SGA) with potential risks of prenatal and neonatal deaths, health complications developed during childhood and vulnerability to diseases in one’s adulthood (Edessy et al., …show more content…
The reasons mentioned are based on case control studies and meta-analysis from various countries which ultimately solidifies and generalizes the conclusions harmoniously. As a way forward, heath sectors should introduce mandatory dental assessments especially for pregnant women in their initial pregnancy stages. The approach should provoke and affect dentists to find novel approaches for preventive services that will result in working hand in hand with obstetricians in an attempt to curb the escalating prevalent of preterm labor as well as premature morbidity and deaths (Stupak & Kwasniewski,

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