Perfume Advertising And Its Effect On Advertising Essays

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The absence of clothes have become omnipresent in today’s advertising. Some ads focus on the removal of clothing, while others focus on no clothing at all. This idea is ever-present in fragrance advertising, as it forces the viewer to focus on the product over the appearance of one’s clothing. The absence of clothing creates a very specific mood for the ad: sex. The ad is able to portray a meaning that is not even included in the ad just by removing some pieces of clothing. Fragrance advertising uses sex as a tool to sell a product without knowing anything about it. The ability to sell a fragrance to viewers with the absence of smell provides a need to sell something else to it’s viewers. As the viewer cannot smell the fragrance from just looking at the ad, the advertisement is selling the idea of what the fragrance will offer to its wearer. In this case, Gucci Guilty is selling sensualness. The idea of sensualness comes from the models themselves, the way their expression are captured in the advertisement. The male model has his piercing blue eyes focused on the viewer, commanding power and confidence. Whereas the female model has her face upturned toward the male model, which shows her attraction towards the man. By having the male model convey such a confident look the advertisement is selling confidence to the man wearing this fragrance. The way the male model’s chest hair is displayed in a almost perfect swirl makes the viewer think of him as clean. This is a man…

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