Performance Description And Analysis : The Mariner, The Navigator, And The Pirate

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Part 1: Performance Description and Analysis

The mariner, the navigator, the sailor, or the pirate? The performer identified himself as all of these depending on the situations during a particular time in the performance. One event that sticks with me the most, one that the entire performance was rooted in, was the killing of the albatross. The mariner made friends with the albatross before, one day, losing it and killing it with his bow and arrow. This shaped the rest of the story! At first the other men on board were very mad and upset, one because he killed the albatross and two because the others thought the albatross brought them wind that would push them out of the ice that surrounded them in the ocean. After a long period of the ship being surrounded by ice and the skies being grey with snow, finally the clouds broke and the sun started shining through. The significance in this is now the other men on board praised the navigator for killing the albatross because they now think the albatross brought the snow and ice. Eventually things turned to bad again and Black Dog made the navigator wear the albatross one his back (ropes were used as a prop for albatross on his back) as punishment for killing it.

There was only a single performer, Benjamin Evett and he had many roles during the performance. To start the performance he was a husband and a father to his sick, dying kid. He then became the drunk mariner which led to his becoming the…

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