Essay on Perfect Pottery 's Human Resources Review

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Perfect Pottery’s: Human Resources Review
This report will focus on the issues that Perfect Pottery was having when HBGC bought out the company and robots replaced a lot of the workers. After careful consideration many problems seemed apparent, some I did address but others I did not. Some of the problems were major and some were minor ones that didn’t require a lot of change. It might be hard because it might change some traditions but in the long run it will be better for the company. Some of the little changes seemed big to me in my eyes because of the different traditions that Americans have from the British.
The problems that I am addressing are in the Human Resources department. When I reviewed the problems seven out of eight were based off of statistical data that was given to me. These problems were apparent because the date showed increase in the problems and that can be critical in a company. The other problem that I found was excessive maternity or paternity leave. That problem was apparent to me because I thought that the maternity and paternity leave was too long. It would help out the company to possibly offer more pay to shorten the amount of time they get off for these leaves. That is the justification for the problems that I found and chose to discuss.
The first problem that was apparent to me was absenteeism. I see it as a problem because of the jump from 2013 to 2014 of 2.2%. This can also be a caused by the employees not liking their jobs. The rise in…

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