Perception Of Pregnancy Risk And Selected Variables Essay

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Conceptual Framework
A particular area of the study lacking discussion is the conceptual framework used. This is not clearly stated in the research article. There are no theories mentioned about why the researchers conducted the study. This study is driven by the desire to “compare the risk perception in the pregnant woman of AMA (aged 35 years and older) with that of a younger women and to explore the relationship between perception of pregnancy risk and selected variables” (Bayrampour et al., 2012, p.445). This is the objective of the study.
The methods section identifies the sample size of 159 women. The sampling was completed by selecting 105 women between the ages of 20-29 and 54 women ages 35 and older from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. These women were randomly selected from private healthcare provider offices, prenatal classes, ambulatory departments, and antepartum units (Bayrampour et al., 2012, p.446). A weakness identified in the sampling process is the smaller percentage of women age 35 and older, even though they were the main focus of the measurements for this study. The data collection processes were discussed and the women were asked to complete questionnaires based off assess knowledge, health status, medical risks, and pregnancy- related anxiety. The data were measured based on the women’s answers to the questions. The measurement techniques completed by all participants were the Perception of Risk Questionnaire (PPRQ), Pregnancy-related Anxiety…

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