Perceived Fairness And Fear Of Negative Evaluation Essay

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In our study, we attempt to investigate whether or not perceived fairness correlates with fear of negative evaluation. We believe that belief in a just world impacts how one views being judged, especially when being negatively judged. Our research question reflects perceived fairness and fear of negative evaluation. The higher a person perceives fairness, the more they fear negative evaluation. In this study, we attempt to analyze and show a correlation of this, for example, by looking at if those that are employed will fear more negative evaluation. We would like to analyze the different results we receive to see if this is true.
In Lipton, Weeks, and De Los Reyes article, they attempted to examine the differences in fears of evaluations (negative and positive) and their likeliness to have social anxiety. Their results were heterogeneity in the evaluation concerns, meaning that some participants reported to have higher level of fear in negative evaluations relative to fear of positive evaluations (Lipton, Weeks, De Los Reyes 2016). We believe this to have some novel support in consideration to our hypothesis because when Lipton and colleagues examined how high a participant feared negative or positive evaluation, they attempted to correlate it with the likeliness social anxiety. Thus, we can use this study to justify how negative evaluation can impact other constructs and how it is less likely for those to have a fear of positive evaluations. Jiang, Yue, Lu, Yu,…

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