Essay about People Who Shop At Walmart

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The population in this country is divided into two different people. People who shop at Walmart, and people who shop at Target. Within moments of walking into Walmart 's gates of hell, you are "greeted" by a very bitter person, itching for a smoke break. Then the bright, but not in a good way, fluorescent lights hit your eyes and you are blinded by them momentarily. You grab a squeaky, archaic cart (which clings to the other carts like terrified bits of Velcro), that cannot seem to go in a straight line, and you head for either the produce, or the essentials section. While grabbing what you need, in a store that seems to be in the middle of a war zone, you head for the check out. Only two out of the thirteen lanes are open, therefore you quickly count how many items you have and proceed to self-checkout. While you are checking yourself out, the machine yells at you for not putting your items in the bag fast enough. Then the self checkout attendant has to come over and type in their code because you messed something up. Finally, you head for the parking lot and leave. You then realize that you forgot something, but you have had enough Walmart today to last you for a while, so you head to Target. While walking into Target you pass by the big red balls out front of their store that you cannot help but touch. You walk inside and the sea of red greets you. You grab a new plastic cart, which glides along the tile like silk. You head towards the clothes and then towards the shoes.…

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