Essay Peer Pressure Causing Teen Driving Accidents

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Peer Pressure Causing Teen Driving Accidents
Becoming a teenager is a major milestone. Differences within one’s body and mind are just a few of the changes that go along with becoming a teenager. Fitting in and gaining friends is often difficult for all ages. Throughout the teenage years this is a common worry. Wanting to fit in and become accepted by others is a normal part of growing up. Being influenced so greatly that it affects the behavior, attitude and dress of someone is peer pressure. Peer pressure does not always have to be a negative thing. Unfortunately, when it comes to driving teen peer pressure is nothing but negative. Accidents happen daily, teen peer pressure is a major cause of driving accidents among these adolescents.
Much of a teen’s life revolves around the activities they do, how they dress and who they spend their time with. Peer pressure is a major deciding factor on who a teen is. The teenage years are filled with developing ones self-image likes, and dislikes. Along with these new changes self-destructive behavior and disputes with parents are also common during the teenage years. Many teenagers want to participate in activities their friends are in. Though this can be a positive thing sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes, teens want to participate in reckless behavior so that they can be deemed cool or fit in with their group of friend. Driving is no exception. The stress to fit in through having the capability to drive freely with friends is a must for…

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