Becoming A Pedestrian Essay

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A lot of lessons that we can learn from this ‘Pedestrian is King’ seminar. Nowadays, most of the people use the cars to go everywhere they want because maybe it is easier than taking a walk. But actually it is not accurate at all. There a lot of narrow road in our city especially in town, but people still drive dangerously without looking at their surroundings. In other country such as in Japan, most of them are pedestrians. It is good to be pedestrians because we can decrease the pollution, increase our healthy life, reduce the traffic jam and so on. Once you have identified a pedestrian crossing look ahead check your interior mirrors and scan for any pedestrians ahead and be prepared to stop if necessary.

The first lesson that we can use in our daily life is this seminar taught us how important to be a pedestrian. It is not hard for us to take a walk to go anywhere we are going towards. A main factor that it will affect is our life style which is if we use to be a pedestrians, it will give us a good healthy life. If we walk for 10000 steps a day it will be better to us.
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Road safety is very much the responsibility of drivers. Most of the drivers or bikers should aware or playing the role to ensure that the pedestrians are need to be care about. Pedestrians do not need a license so that they can and do cross the road anywhere they want without any problems that ensuring that what people see and respond towards every type of pedestrian crossing and take the actions of any pedestrians. Outside the cars all of us are the pedestrians and although the number involved in road incidents is decreasing pedestrian injured or dead are still dangerous. Pedestrians are road users with a small protection that so all drivers must aware and care of them especially those who are children, OKU or else adults. For those who attend this seminar will know that how big is it this issue need to be incurred

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