Paying Attention Is Not Free Essay

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Paying Attention Is Not Free
My topic concerns the field of education. As both a current student and a future educator, this directly relates to my career in music education. As a teacher, I should understand the factors that influence how hard a student tries. The problem that I am trying to solve is convincing students that school is worth their time and effort.
I chose to research a topic related to my academic discipline of education so that my research will benefit me beyond the completion of this project. I spent some time thinking: what education-related problem can I solve? I remembered something that bothered and disappointed me in high school, in fiction, and in the recounting of others. Through my experience and observation, I discovered that one of the most common reasons for students to get bad grades is the idea that school is not worth their time nor their effort. A problematic perspective. I plan to construct a sound argument against this viewpoint in hopes of convincing them that school is indeed a worthwhile pursuit. I do this so that these mistaken individuals may take advantage of the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and experience. In doing so, they are presented with a chance to explore their full potential. If my discoveries help even one person, I will continue my efforts to help students realize and reach their potentials. I will treasure the knowledge that I made a difference.
Aims & Objectives:
• Form a strong argument in…

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