Essay on Patton- Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project

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Week Three Individual Paper
Patton- Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project
CMGT 554/IT Infrastruct

In week’s three individual dissection of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Department, I will discuss three topics that will help with a better understanding of the Hospital’s Networking Department. During the first topic, a complete analysis will be completed on the network systems in use. While covering the second topic, discussion on what standards may be missing from the Hospital’s current network. During last topic, I will identify the Hospital’s wireless technology in currently in use and how it may enhance the hospitals network. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital currently uses a Local Area Network (LAN) standard
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In addition to the Modality View Stations, the Emergency Room has one workstation with a portable X-Ray Machine. The Radiology Department also has Laboratories and a Pharmacy that are equipped with similar work stations; Apple iMac, 20” displays, 2.4 GHz, 2 GB Ram, 500 MB HD, Fiber Card OS Virtualization w/ Mac OS X Leopard and Windows XP Pro OS. The Only differences between the two departments are the printers that they are equipped with. The Laboratories have one HP 4700pht color laser printer and the Pharmacy has two HP B&W 4350 Laser Printers.
Given the magnitude of data that travels through the Radiology Department, e.g. X-Rays, CT Scans, etc… the Department needs to equip its own Data Center. The RIS Data Center, short for Radiology Information Systems Data Center is the main host for the servers being used in the clinical areas of the Hospital. The RIS is equipped with an Apple Cluster Server running Mac OS Leopard Xserve w/ remote desktop. The Apple cluster has a 10 terabyte Disk Storage center. The standard being used in the RIS Data Center is the same as the rest of the Clinical areas, a 1000 Base F single mode fiber with each workstation equipped with a fiber card to use this standard. The RIS has Data Center workstations and two printers are attached via LAN. The OR, ICU, Ward Floor Room location, and the Nurses’ Station are also equipped with workstations that are connected via the

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