Patterns In Aesop's Fables

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Part Ⅰ:My gains in the class
I must say Reading and Writing this course brings so many benefits to me. First of all, the direct result is I have finished reading Aesop’s Fables. And I touched a great number of new vocabulary, especially the animals’ name. Although I cannot memorize them all, at least I can recognize these words when I see them. This book consists of many stories, and each story tells us a proverb, which is rich in philosophic. We can learn how to conduct ourselves in the world and enrich our inner world. In Aesop’s Fables, the sentence patterns are diverse. The long sentence collocated the short sentence makes the whole passage rhythmic. And I try using this technique in my writing. Hope the effect is not bad. Looking back
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The crow returns nurturing to parents mainly introduces a story that the young crow feeds parents mouth to mouth when they are old to thank the love and care received from childhood. The lamb kneels the breast mainly describes the cubs kneeling drink the breast milk. They all are about the filial piety from the children, and they all touch my heart actually. Indeed, as the opinion of this article expressed, youth’s first duty is reverence to parents. So the lark buried her dead father in her own head. There is an old saying, filial piety is the foundation of all virtues. Honoring parents is a traditional custom in China and it’s our bounden duty. A few months earlier, I watched a lecture video by a Tsinghua student on Internet, and the speech impressed me most is the words she said, “You raised me up, I accompany you to the old.” Parents give us life, raise us up and teach us how to be a good man. On every birthday, parents always present us their blessings and wishes. However, how many children can remember their parents’ birthday? Honoring our father and mother needn’t much money and cannot spend much time. A brief greeting or a calling within a few minutes, even a short message, so long as the solicited are sincere, can make their heart turn to warm. The core of gratitude is filial piety. That is to say, we should know how much parents love me, thanks for the love and pay it back to them. When they are aging, we should look after the elderly in their final days, just like those years parents cared for us, patiently and affectionately. One day you find they can’ t follow you, don’t urge them, because you are growing gradually but they are becoming old slowly. Please stop and turn back to wait for

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