Thomas Jefferson: A Leader During The American Revolutionary War

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Patriot: “a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion” (“The Definition of Patriot”). In the American Revolutionary War, there were many passionate patriots fighting for independence. People who loved and supported their country, from 1775-1783, risked their lives for it. These patriots included some individuals who were able to rise to the challenge to become leaders and heroes. Because of these leaders and heroes America was able to beat the British and win the war with the strong leadership and heroic actions of patriots like Thomas Jefferson, John Parker, and George Washington.
Thomas Jefferson showed his leadership when he wrote the American Declaration of Independence. Jefferson was a man
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He led his men in the first battle of the Revolution proving he was a leader. In Lexington, as the British advanced, Parker was elected by his men to be the captain of their militia (Murray 17). Parker gathered his men, about 70 volunteers, to block the advancing regulars as they made their way to Lexington (“Today in History - July 13”). After facing off with the British, Parker and his men were drained, eight Americans were killed leaving ten wounded. Despite being discouraged, Parker rallied his men to spring another attack on the Regulars as they returned from Boston (“John Parker”). As the British approached John Parker’s men opened fire on them shooting down several, and inflicting heavy casualties on the British. Parker and his men suffered a defeat the morning of July 13, severely strained after facing the British. John Parker, however, didn’t give up, he showed he was truly a leader by driving his men to victory even after suffering a defeat the same …show more content…
George Washington was both a leader and a hero in the battle of Trenton. George was well prepared for this attack, bringing, “2400 soldiers with him over the river of Delaware”(Dean 8). The war wasn’t easily won though. On the way there it was in the middle of a brutal blizzard and a younger boy without shoes fell and laid on the ground thinking he was about to die. George came up to him and helped him up. He gave him shoes and greater than all hope. As they came upon the camp Washington devised a “three pronged plan” (“Battle of Trenton”). The first stage was 2400 men flanked while 1900 were a diversion and 700 were a “blocking force”. His plan was of course a success, he killed 22, wounded 92, and captured 918, 400 of the enemy escaped. George Washington was a very noble and caring man who led the American Army to victory in Trenton while also looking out for the well being of his army and individuals. Thomas Jefferson, John Parker, and George Washington used their strong leadership, and heroic actions to help America achieve victory in the Revolutionary War. Thomas Jefferson proved he was a leader when he inspired the masses with the Declaration of Independence. John Parker was a determined captain who led his militia through the first battle of the

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