Essay about Patient Safety And Keeping Standardized Medical Procedures

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Apart from patient privacy another crucial aspect is patient safety. Therefore, with the growing awareness among consumers and rising medical needs, MMC need to implement measures that not only provides sufficient healthcare, but also safeguards patient safety (Hill et al., 2012). Therefore, there certain organizations or rules those focus on patient safety and keeping standardized medical procedures such as JCAHO and the Joint Commission (Brown et al., 2012). Also, since MMCs do not have any stationary set up are constantly moving from one are to another, consequently it requires that each urban site has its own operational system that works under different environmental factors (Brown et al., 2012). Under such a scenario, it is a challenging task to strategically manage and run these clinics. However, one of the biggest concerns was to find a viable system or provider that is both reliable as well as secured (Brown et al., 2012). Since, the supported data is mainly patient information, it is really important to make sure the services are safe as per HIPAA rules.
Plus Points of MMC from the Case Study
The MMC for CHF are widely used and supported by “41-state-of-the-art MMCs operating across the country” (Brown et al., 2012, p. 158). Additionally, financial assistance or support is another great factor needed to operate a successful organization. Therefore, MMCs of CHF in particular are supported by four financial sources, which are the private individual and corporate…

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