Patient Safety And High Quality Care Within The Health Care Team

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A) As a student nurse, how did you contribute to the patient’s safety and high quality care within the health care team?
As a student nurse, I was given the opportunity to help assess one of the patient’s that was fairly new to the floor. When I entered the room, the occupational therapist was in the bathroom with him getting ready to help with a shower and determining his independence for this activity. This gave me a chance to assess his skin integrity along with helping to identify his mobility strength. During my time with him, he expressed to me that he was feeling itchy and, through my assessment, I discovered little red marks all over his back. I communicated my concern with my nurse about his rash, and we were able to obtain itching cream to help increase his quality of life. After my assessment, I was able to assist the OT in helping with his ambulation.
The OT and I also discussed interventions and ways he could be as independent as possible in the shower to increase his ADLs. These included making sure items were placed in the shower that he was able to grasp with his right side due to his left sided being weakened by a stroke. We also discussed using a shower head that is detachable so that he does not have to stand up in order to wash his hair out. These interventions along with others help to decrease his chance of falling, because we were able to come up with ways to help him do things independently and in a safe manor.
Another instance where I was able to…

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