Mina Loy's Feminist Analysis

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The campaign for women’s freedom to vote became a very controversial matter between genders, which then grew into a campaign for women who required to receive the same rights as men. Marinetti’s supremacist rendering of futurism exposed a rather misogynist organization, deeming a woman inclusive government to be detrimental to the entire male sex. Mina Loy, highly influenced and inspired by Marinetti’s prominent and influential radicalism, in regard to futurism, took his artistic approach to craft her own appeals through her written work. The funny thing about Mina Loy is that she liked a lot of things feminists and futurists stood for, but she did not consider herself to be either, because there were parts of both movements that infuriated and repulsed her. Her manifesto critiques the feminist movement’s inability to establish their own position, shedding a new light on feminism. Marinetti’s offensive support for women suffragettes irritates Loy, so “Feminist Manifesto” …show more content…
Loy makes her appeal to women: “Be Brave & deny at the outset—that pathetic clap-trap war cry Woman is the equal of man—/ for / She is NOT!” (153). She asks women to reject this ridiculous idea of becoming men’s equal because it will never happen. She describes this idea as “pathetic,” because male Futurist 's are the first males to want to help feminist’s gain their rights in society, but only for their own benefit. She also states that is is a “clap-trap war cry” which signifies how this equality talk was just a flashy and showy appeal used by men to gain the attention of women for their war efforts. Loy, on the other hand, desires to help women find their agency without the help of man. Loy’s work responds to Marinetti’s manifesto “Against Sentimentalized Love and Parliamentarianism,” which both enhances and complicates Loy’s argument for women to take

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