Passage Of Scipture Chapter 4

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I. In this passage of Scripture, we find the disciples stuck in not just any storm, but “a great windstorm.” In the Previous verses of Mark, chapter four, Jesus had been in that same boat doing what he often did, which was preaching the gospel by way of parables. Then he begins teaching the disciples the meaning of the parables. "Now the teaching was over and Jesus was weary; and in need of a period of rest. You know how it is when you have ministered all day, it takes much of your energy, so He was tired. He asked His disciples to cross the lake, and that is the moment to which our text refers. Mark 4:37-40 begins with the windstorm, and if we go two verses before to Mark 4:35 you see that Jesus said let us cross over to the other side. Which …show more content…
I dismissed a weakness that very well may have seemed unimportant, but it was vital for me to run a healthy race, so when it was all said and done I was injured, all because I didn’t want to address an area that I already knew was one of my weaker areas.
3. Many times, that is what we do in life. We see our weakness but we never address them so we end up “stuck,” like the disciples; or hurt, damaged and worst off than we were before we started like me after the race. All because we fail to address the areas in our life that are weak. Weaknesses reveal areas that we need to work on, and attention to those weak areas produce growth.
B. To truly be strong you must face your fears 2 Timothy 1:7
1. Why were these experienced fishermen afraid of the storm?
a. The Lake of Galilee is 13 miles long at its longest, and 8 miles wide at its widest. At this part, it was about 5 miles across." The Sea of Galilee is well known for its sudden, violent storms.
2. Several of the disciples were experienced fishermen on this very lake, and they were frightened and feared perishing in this storm. But Why? .
a. They forgot all their training and knowledge of the sea and storms and panicked
3. This is exactly what we do as Christians when a storm
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A storm may bruise you, you may have a few scars from a storm, it may hurt and take the wind out of me, or you may get sea sick but you won’t perish. We are going to the other side!
B. When you overcome, share what God has done for you. (Revelation 12:11)
1. To have a testimony you must apply the Word of God wisely to your storm.
a. God wants us to understand how to get through the storm and have a testimony. It can be expressed this way: "And they overcame him by the Word." Who’s word? His Word! Many times we let the enemy talk us out of our victory and testimony because we either don’t know the word, or we haven’t applied the word of God to our situation.
b. In Matthew Chapter 4 when Satan came to try to tempt Jesus, Jesus used the word of God. Which means believing and standing on the Word of God when human intellect would appear to say something different is how you overcome.
2. "And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb" is essentially the truth of the Good News of the Christian Gospel message, and good news should be shared.
a. This means you we have share our stories, many times as Christians we want to share the victories and not the storms. However, the word victory doesn’t exist without

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