Part Recreation Of Act 3 Scene 2 Essay

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Part A - Recreation of Act 3, Scene 2

Part A -This is a reenactment of the scene where Rosalind is finding poems on trees and later decided to test the purity of her love though disguised. I have chosen to portray this scene, though a show called The Bachelor.
Ben- Orlando
Andy Cohen -Corin
Ryan- Touchstone
Julianna- Rosalind
Monica- Celia

There it is, my whole life is being displayed all in 150 characters. Soon millions of people will be able to see how desperate I am to find love. My whole life will change after this, nothing will ever be the same.
Andy Cohen and Ryan enter
Hey buddy, how’s it going?
Life is good, so far. But honestly, I 'm bored out of my mind, this is not who I am, I can 't just hang out doing nothing. Anyway, how are you?

I know what you mean, honestly I would feel the same way if my career was about to end.
Have you even been in this situation, where you lose everything you have ever worked for?
I can 't sat that I have.
Then you have no idea what I 'm going through.
I can 't imagine, I really hope this never happenes to me.
Here comes the new cast.
Julianna enters reading a tweet... successful, sensitive and handsome the 6’4 bachelor loves basketball, hiking, fishing, and meeting new people. He almost has it all. He just needs to find the right woman to fall involve with. He truly believes he can find his new soulmate on The Bachelor.
Your seriously not buying into that crap,…

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