Letters From A Time Ago Analysis

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A Letter that Taught Me the Truth

Letters from A Time Ago

As it would be, many letters have been written – each one with its own style – as they were related to conflict or growth. So let this letter not be one of repetition. Rather let it be a reminder of what we once had – a love so innocent no beauty could compare to thee. How may I remind of the choices we made to defy? We created a new friendship that began to sway into a romance that is nothing more than an attraction of beauty. How may we then save this friendship from devolving into a memory of times that stood bright and strong? By remembering what used to be and creating a new destiny – one that will not result in the death of us.

The Fear

What is there to fear when God is with
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Are we people who met by chance and liked each other, or is there a future that cannot be predicted? We met by God’s hand and his will. Let He who knows decide the fate of us. We are a couple – not in the romantic sense. We are a couple who cannot be separated for God decrees us to be together. We are a creation. Us is a creation of God. He has given us each other so we may have confidence in what God can bring. He can give us everything. Even the answer to what we are. What are we? We are an embodiment of God’s love for all of us. We are living proof of what God can do; of what God can give; of how God loves us. We are a couple of people who God gave a chance to be friends. To have love for each other in an amount they had never had before. The meaning of us is God’s love for all of humanity. Remember what love is to the world – a feeling that makes you feel good about yourself. To the world, your true love is the person who makes you feel the best in the world. What is true love? It is love that is beyond how you feel. It is love that compels you to do everything you can to make your partner happy – even if it makes you suffer. True love is the act of putting your other first. God wants us to see His love by those He has blessed to understand it. How God has blessed us to know true

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