Part One Jim Crow System Essay

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Part One-Jim Crow
The Jim Crow system was a post-Reconstruction series of legislation that established legally authorized racial segregation of the African American population of the south. The Jim Crow system ended in the 1950s with the beginning of the civil rights movement. As Hewitt and Lawson wrote, “these new statutes denied African Americans equal access to public facilities and ensured that blacks lived apart from whites.” With the 1896 Supreme Court ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson the court upheld the legality of the Jim Crow legislation. The court ruled that as long as states provided “equal but separate” facilities for whites and blacks, Jim Crow laws did not violate the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. With this ruling it was legal to keep the races apart. For example, schools. White and African American children went to separate schools. Even through the schools were separate, it was not equal, even though the schools were supposed to be. As is in the case of the picture of the white school in 1935 from Blackboard. The white children were in a clean proper classroom all at their own desks. On the other hand, in another picture of children from Blackboard, but in this case the children are in a black school of the 1930s. The African American children were cramped together tightly in a small broken room. Ida B. Wells was an African American journalist and activist who led a very successful protest against the Jim Crow system in the 1890s.…

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