Parents Should Not Be Allowed For Homeschool Their Children Essay examples

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Parents should not be permitted to homeschool their children, even if they register the fact and submit to inspection. Parents cannot teach their children as well as a certified teacher can. These children have the right to a good education and homeschooling does not ensure that. Even though registering that you are homeschooling your child and inspections would help it does not make up for the fact that the parent is not a certified teacher (“This House Supports”). There are states that do not even require the parent to have graduated high school or received their GED (Tucker). Even if it’s a rule that the parents have to have “routine lessons” and that they have to “follow state curriculum” there is no actual way to enforce this rule. Teachers have to take several courses to plan out lessons, learning strategies, and behavior management; whereas a parent does not have this training and so they do not have the knowledge they need to be able to give their child a sufficient education (“Argument Against Homeschooling”). Home schooled children learn whatever their parents think is most important, many parents can teach their point of view on a topic not the actual facts (“Argument Against Homeschooling”). A kid who is home schooled through a certain grade, but then transferred to public schools could have facts that are wrong or could be way behind in one subject because their parents did not think that particular subject was as important as another. There is not…

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