Parents Obsessed With Their Child 's Success And Safety Essay

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They are loud, anxious and annoying. People everywhere are trying to find ways to deal with them. They can be found in schools, ballparks, and at the first sign of trouble. No, not teenagers: Parents. "Helicopter parenting" is a term used to describe parents obsessed with their child 's success and safety. The parents cautiously hover over them, sheltering them from mistakes or disappointment, isolating them from the world around them (Vinson). They are over controlling, over protecting, and over perfecting, in a way that is excessive to responsible parenting. This term was first used by Dr. Ηaim Ginott in his book Between Parent & Teenagers in 1969. The term became very popular and was added to the dictionary in 2011 (Bayless). This parenting style is characterized by a helicopter-like tendency to come to the rescue at the first sign of trouble for their child (Almendrala). Some helicopter parents try to push their child to succeed at everything and never get hurt (”Are You A Helicopter Parent?“). What they are not aware of is that helicopter parenting is detrimental to a child’s life skills, personality, education, and well-being. (Rettner).
The term "helicoptering" is mostly connected to parents of high school or college-aged students who do tasks the child is competent of doing alone like calling a professor about bad grades, arranging a class schedule, or managing exercise habits. Helicopter parenting, however, can apply at any age (Bayless). The rate is higher in…

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