Parents Caring For A Child With A Mental Disorder Essay example

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Parents Caring for a Child with a Mental Disorder
Parents caring for a child with a mental disorder can experience the phenomenon of psychological stress (Dyson, 1997; Manning, Wainwright, & Bennett, 2011; McStay & Trembath, 2014; Paynter, Riley, Beamish, Davies, & Milford, 2013; Wolf, Noh, Fisman, & Speechly, 1989). A mental disorder is an impairment in psychological or behavioural tendencies, which may cause a person to show disruptive, violent or harmful behaviour to themselves or others (American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV), 2000). These behavioural characteristics are typical of children with mental disorders and this behaviour may challenge parental coping skills (Farmer, Burns, Angold, & Costello, 1997), by causing distress and impairment in family structures (Waddell, Hua & Shepherd, 2002). Research shows that experiences with psychological stress among other differing family factors, may result in families seeking to place the child in a residential home (Friedman, Kalichman, & Council on Children with Disabilities, 2014; Rimmerman & Duvdevani, 1996). Contrary to the expectations of stress reduction from out-of-home placement, families have still reported psychological stress associated with guilt, shame and worry (Crettenden, Wright, & Beilby, 2014; Friedman et al., 2014). The evidence outlined above suggests that psychological stress is an ongoing process with interacting factors which contribute to stress. Thus,…

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