Personality Disorder Case Study

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Symptom Picture
Hannah is a 25 year old female who has struggled socially, psychologically, and physically in many areas of her life. I have known Hannah since I was in fifth grade. Growing up Hannah was a happy and social girl with multiple friends. It wasn’t until her until her high school years that she started having problems socially. After she graduated high school she began participating in risky behaviors. Once she reached her 20’s she progressive was worse. It wasn’t until after she turned 21 when her behavior was at its peak.
Hannah began slowly putting weight on in high school but it wasn’t until after high school that she began to gain weight at a very fast pace. After high school she gained roughly 90 pounds since high school had ended. She went from 150 pounds to about 240 pound person. Hannah eats food all the time. Even if she’s not hungry she continues to eat. She eats when she’s happy and when she is depressed. Her weight gain has amplified her previous health issues. The eating began after she started having social issues.
Through out school
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Personality disorders affect only 9% of the population. Personality disorders are defined as a patterned behavior that diverges from expected behavior in affectivity and impulse control. She has patterns that have lead to distress and impairment in social and occupational areas. However she does not fit Cluster A. She could possibly meet for Cluster B, she bears grudges, perceives attacks on his or her character and responses with a quick angry response, and she has recurrent suspicions about people. This is something she commonly does with guys she dates. However she does not meet criteria for Borderline, anti social, histrionic, or Narcissistic. This causes me to rule out the idea of a Personality Disorder as a diagnosis. (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). The next possible diagnosis I examined was the possibility of bipolar

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