Essay on Parents And Their Children 's Children

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Imagine a world where children grow up having their each and every move monitored and overseen, where parents keep in contact with their children via cell phone throughout every day all day, and where children no longer view their parents as superior to them but instead view them as their “best friends”. Well, welcome to Generation Y! Children are growing up depending on their parents to fix every unfair situation, money need, hardship, and rejection in life because they think that is how life works. Parents know where their college children are at all times during the week, and they are even informed when professors are unfair or roommates are too messy. Children are now so embedded with their parents going into adulthood that they now often have a close relationship like most people would see best friends having. Helicopter parents in Generation Y are too overprotective, too involved and connected to their children pertaining to cell phones, and are playing the wrong role of being a “best friend” to their children instead of a parent. Helicopter parents in Generation Y are depriving their children from learning how to make decisions on their own, face and overcome hard times and difficult situations, and learn from mistakes or accidents made. Parents are now trying to shield their children from any possible situation in life that could cause turmoil or frustration, when they should be showing reticence and letting it happen. Helicopter parenting begins with…

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