Essay on Parents And Children : A Child Through Her Adolescent Years

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To parent means more than to guide a child through her adolescent years. It also means to nurture and protect, to love and encourage. The relationship a father and daughter share plays a crucial role in the early stages of her development. For adoptees and foster children, especially ones too young to have known their own biological parents or to have formed a strong bond to some sort of parental figure, their development risks becoming malformed if the right state of mind surrounding their parents is not instilled. Never knowing one’s own origins creates a strong imagination, whether it be imagining royal relatives with grandiose castles and obedient servers to comply with every wish and whim. Most foster children’s wishes include wishing for a parent that follows the unforgettable tune to “Maybe” by everyone’s favorite orphan, Annie:
Betcha they 're young/ Betcha they 're smart
Bet they collect things/ Like ashtrays, and art
Betcha they 're good/ Why shouldn 't they be?
Foster children, while envisioning their future caregivers who might one day earn the title of parent, also like to think about their real parents somewhere far away, in huge houses, waiting for just the right moment to whisk their child away from the mediocre confines of their foster or group home. Some just hope their adoptive family treats them no worse than their current situation. Either one would suffice, their goal is to simply get out of the poorly managed and underfunded government system and fall…

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