Parenting Is Important, But Stressful Job Essay

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Parenting is an important, but stressful job. Fathers want to provide for their family, while mothers find it undoubtedly difficult to think about leaving their children for even a second. Therefore, many mothers prefer to stay home with their children when their husbands have a financially stable career, because mothers understand the different struggles of income, quality time, and the roles of parents in two-career and one-career families. Families that have two parents with their own careers put a great amount of stress on mothers and their family. With both parents working, one needs to consider the roles of the household. There are more husbands today that help with household duties such as laundry, cleaning, cooking, and caring for the children, but there are still many that don’t think this is a job for men, which can add more pressure and stress on mothers. Macionis (2015) claimed, with both men and women in the workforce, the majority of household duties is still done by women; however, less housework is done overall (p.282). Many mothers are still responsible for not only a career and children, but they also need to find the time to keep up with the majority of household duties, which can lead to issues in their marriage and create a stressful environment for the family. With the added stress of both parents working, it can be difficult to make sure children get the quality time they need from their parents, especially the attention of a mother. Mothers have the…

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