Similarities And Differences Between Oedipus And The Tale Of Sohrab

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The story of Oedipus Tyrannus and The Tale of Sohrab are both stories that deal in family relationships and ironic twists. Both stories follow two young men on their journey through their manhood but also into the fate their fathers place before them. The story of Oedipus is set in a murder mystery which follows the character King Oedipus in his search for his father’s murderer in order to end his kingdom’s curse. The Tale of Sohrab focuses on the main character Rostam which bears a son named Sohrab whom he never meets which makes his son dedicate his life to search for him in order to earn his pride and approval. While both are different stories there are major similarities that emerge throughout their journeys. Some of the similarities …show more content…
Some of the similar issues both characters experience were that they did not know their biological father while growing up. This led them both on a journey in search for the truth. “Oedipus could have chosen not to leave his first home in Corinth; his leaving was the act of a brave and impulsive man bent on avoiding evil (which sounds good) but also on outrunning divine control and prophecy” (Meineck & Woodruff 2.2) while on this journey Oedipus met his father in a confrontation which led to him commit murder upon his first encounter leaving his father dead without his knowledge. In Sohrab story he also meets his father in battle but loses and with it being revealed to Rostam at that moment it was his son. Both stories connected with this deep relationship that never happened between father and son that would have happened if fate did not intervene. These truths were reveled to both characters at the end of the stories. At the end of both stories both characters had a gruesome realization into their own situation. In the story of Oedipus he realized that he was his own father’s murder which also meant that he married and had children with his mother. This guilt and anguish led him to cut his eyes out and banish himself out of the city and into the desert. Similar to this Rostam killed his own son in battle not knowing it was him and realized after what he had done burned all his possessions and riches and denounced himself from Rostam the Hero to Rostam the

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