Parenthood Movie Paper

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“Parenthood” Movie Paper
While watching the movie “Parenthood” I took an interest in the character Gary Buckman. Gary is the youngest child to Helen Buckman who is Gil, the main characters, sister. Helen is a single mother who is still struggling with the fact that her ex-husband wants nothing to do with his children and is refusing to help raise them. Gary has an older sister, Julie, who, instead of worrying about SAT scores she is totally wrapped up in her boyfriend Todd, who is a race car wannabe that is not too much liked by Helen.
Gary’s behavior from the beginning of the movie is odd. He is quite and not very open with his mother. He has angry posters plastered all over his bedroom door and a padlock locking his door
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Kohlberg’s stage of development is something that I have gone back and forth on but I do believe that for some of the movie Gary is stuck in the preconventional level of moral reasoning in both stages one and two. In this level the goal is to get rewards and avoid punishments for this is a self centered level and to look out for number one. His goal is to get the rewards and he is very self centered not caring about others feelings. After finding out that he would not be able to go live with his father he breaks into his father’s office and ransacks it in the end he gets the reward of feeling that his father has been punished. He feels that he is advancing his self interest and he is looking out for number one, himself. In other parts of the movie Gary is stuck in the second level which is Conventional Moral reasoning in this level emphasis is placed on the social rules and is based more on the community level. Gary does not want to talk about his sexual feeling because he feels and knows that it is not the proper behavior because it does not please others.
Does Gary advance in his development by the end of this movie? I would say yes. At the beginning of the movie you see a dark very distant boy who wants nothing to do with his family. By the end of this movie Gary seems to move to more of a normal happy child even running around chasing Todd. With the help of Todd Gary finds part of his identity especially the sexual identity that he was

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