Scream Factory: Movie Review

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Scream Factory is once again dipping into the Empire Pictures / Charles Band line of films, this time with a double feature of The Dungeonmaster and Eliminators. Two films that looked like they would be a drag to get through, but ended up being a hoot and a half instead. I know, I was as suprirsed as you are right now. Anyway, let's hop in our mobile unit (you need to read on to see what the heck I'm talking about) and get on with this review of both movies...



A Double Dose Of Science-Fiction Fun!

1985 / Unrated Version

Paul, a young computer ace, is forced to pit his physical and mental skills against unimaginable odds when a hulking wizard looking for formidable opponents
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The plot for this movie is your standard computer nerd, Paul, who wants to marry his out of his league girlfriend, Gwen, but she doesn't want to share him with is super smart computer named X-CaliBR8, which results in the both of them getting sucked into a world run by the Devil, who goes by the name Mestema and is played by Richard Moll (Evilspeak). The Devil brands Paul as XXX and challenges him to save his girlfriend by going through a bunch of "way too easy and the devil should be ashamed" challenges, with only the aid of his computer on his arm (early smartwatch technology) to help him. Each challenge is broken down into separate stories directed by different directors.

"Ice Gallery" is directed by Rosemarie Turko and has Paul and his girlfriend Gwen wandering around an ice cave filled with frozen statues of evil people from the past (and Albert Einstein for some odd reason). The statues come alive and Paul must fight to survive.

"Demons of the Dead" is directed by John Carl Buechler (Garbage Pail Kids) and is a quick and sweet little story about Paul fighting some undead monsters and a weird cave troll creature named Ratspit. Cool effects, okay story.

"Heavy Metal" is directed by Charles Band and is pretty short, with not much happening, save for the band W.A.S.P. rocking it out on stage and Paul's girlfriend about to be slashed up by the band. Cue green computer
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We start off with our Mandroid coming back from the past and evil scientist, Dr. Reeves (Roy Dotrice) wants to dismantle him now that his mission is done. A warm-hearted scientist doesn't want to "kill" him, so he lets him escape in his wicked mobile unit (basically a tank he attaches to, which can only run over flat ground, so, pretty much useless). Mandroid heads to the creator of the technology, the hot Col. Nora Hunter (Denise Crosby), who is for some reason a Colonel of something, I assume of science, who agrees to help him get revenge on Dr. Reeves, as he has stolen her technology and is using it for nefarious uses. First, though, they must seek out his past. This involves hitting up the rivers of Mexico and hanging out with a boat captain (Andrew Prine), a couple of neanderthals, a random ninja and most importantly, S.P.O.T., the pesky robot with an unhealthy attachment to Mandroid. Cue an epic showdown of 80s special effects, a dose of comedy and Denise Crosby sideboob. Fun for the whole freaking family!

Eliminators knows exactly what kind of movie it is and never takes itself seriously. This movie just wants to have some fun and that's exactly what you get. You'll be laughing, cheering, ogling and giggling, mostly at the same time. The effects for the time are well down, the cyborg Mandroid is pretty neat to look at, with him always showing

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