Parental Involvement And Academic Achievement Of Mexican American Youths

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Altschul, I. (2011). Parental involvement and the academic achievement of Mexican American youths: What kinds of involvement in youths ' education matter most? Social Work Research, 35(3), 159-170.
To determine which forms of parental involvement, have the strongest relationships with youths" academic outcomes, this study examines the following six forms of parental involvement in education at home or school and the investment of time or money: (1) parents being involved with school organizations (school, time), (2) parents discussing school-related matters with their child (home, time), (3) parents assisting their child with homework (home, time), (4) parents and children engaging in enriching activities together (home, time), (5) parents investing in educational resources in the home (home, money), (6) and parents investing in extracurricular instruction for their child (home, money). Using nationally representative data (N = 1,609) from the National Education Longitudinal Survey, this study focuses specifically on Mexican American families and youths. Findings show that the positive effects of parental involvement among Mexican American parents occur through involvement in the home. Parental involvement in school organizations was not associated with youths ' achievement. Parents ' investment of financial resources in their children 's education was found to have a somewhat higher impact on achievement than forms of involvement that require parents ' investment of time.…

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