Parent Involvement In School Essay

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Register to read the introduction… “The strongest and most consistent predictors of parent involvement at school are the specific school programs and teacher practices that encourage parent involvement at school and guide parents in how to help their children (what research Says…).” Teachers need to become more concerned in their collaboration with families and develop a better perspective of parents’ ways of life. “Research shows that family resistance to school involvement can be reversed (McDermott, October 2000).” Schools need to bestow parents with the tools and information on how to volunteer and become more drawn into

their children’s education, regardless of race, low-income, single parent status or language barrier.
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For instance, request parents to read to classes, be guest speakers, chaperone events and fieldtrips and volunteer time during field day. Other ideas for parent involvement in schools are listed in the table below:
Ways to Promote Parent Involvement in Schools
Table 4
Host cookouts. Arrange for an “International Night” to showcase different cultures.
Hold a Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. Hold a “Family Reading Night”.
Promote family activities like “Game Night”. Host a “Fall Festival” or “Winter Enrichment” program.
Host a “Discovery Night" where parents, students, and teachers learn together, in an interactive way, about a topic of universal interest. Provide a Health and Fitness Night”.
Hold an “Exceptional Education Success Night” to recognize student performance. Organize a “Community Day” where families provide volunteer time.
Programs that will assist ESL and ELL parents to become more involved in school

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