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During a focus group discussion, Manatee Administrators/Supervisors were asked to define parent engagement and they described it as when the parents are involved in all levels of the program offered such as reading programs, groups meeting, surveys and homework completion and not just limiting their participation to the expected two visits a month. Another explained it as when the parents have a good and open relationship with the home visitors, are attentive and when it is evident they are using the information acquired from the home visitors including utilizing recommended referrals and providing feedback when necessary.

How to know if a client is really engaged
Administrators reported that clients are
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One of them mentioned a study done by her that showed that only half of women who enrolled during pregnancy stayed till the end of the program, and as a reason, they don’t enroll pregnant women on purpose in their program but direct them to a better suited program. They also mentioned that there is usually fluctuation in engagement at about 6 months of being in the program and the educators has to work extra hard to reengage them, but vast majority that were present as at 1 year of the program completed it. Also, life changing circumstances was mentioned to cause …show more content…
Some of the unsafe sleep situations seen in some of the communities being served include: co-sleeping, putting the baby on an adult sized pillow, putting the baby on the chest and falling asleep. Factors that promoted some of these unsafe sleep practices include alcohol use and substance abuse by parents, cultural norms that promote co-sleeping, convenience of attending to the baby in the same bed, lack of adequate space, mothers mindset e.g. feel safer with baby in bed especially African American

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